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Nutrition Strategies

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Healthy Food Options in Restaurant Settings

Target: Hot Spot Region

Healthy foods that are available and affordable allow people to make healthier food choices which support a healthy food environment.

Shared Use of Existing Kitchens in the Community

Target: Hot Spot Region

A shared-use kitchen is a certified commercial kitchen in which individuals or businesses prepare value-added food products and meals, usually paying an hourly or daily rate to lease a space shared by others. These spaces are most often used by culinary or packaged food entrepreneurs and can have positive social, economic, and health impacts on a community.

Farmers Markets

Target: Chouteau, Langley, Locust Grove

Farmers markets serve as an effective retail mechanism for offering healthier food options in underserved areas, including traditional and culturally appropriate foods. This strategy focuses on developing farmer’s markets in areas they do not exist and/or expanding and formalizing existing farmer’s markets. 

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