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HOPE Executive Director: Leslie Considine

As Healthy Living Program Coordinator, Leslie has varied experience in communication, merchandising, non-profits, as well as, civic and community volunteer efforts.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations and Advertising.  Leslie is currently a board member of the Pryor Tip In Club, the President of Monday Forum, and is an International Exchange Coordinator for the EF Foundation, which is responsible for bringing international students to Mayes County. Her crowning achievements are being married to her husband, Mike and raising six happy, healthy, children and one precious grandbaby!

HOPE4YOUTH Program Director: Crystal Stout

Crystal was hired as the Program Director due to her years of experience and education in the Social Service field including Juvenile Justice. She has a vast amount of experience in working with key stakeholders, schools, youth, juvenile offenders, families, and law enforcement.  Crystal holds a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology and has experience teaching at the college level.  She currently sits on the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth-Post-Adjudication Review Board and the Thunderbird Youth Academy Foundation Board.  Crystal has experience in a multitude of areas including event planning, community fundraising, and business marketing.

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Healthy Living Program Coordinator: Arianna Derr

 Arianna received her Bachelor's of Arts in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma and a year studying abroad at the Miami Ad School Europe. During College she worked as an Assistant Senior Account Executive for Lindsey & amp; Asp, a student ran advertising and public relations agency. She also served in an intern position with Brother’s & amp; Company Ad Agency.  Since 2016, Arianna has working as the government and community sector for the Healthy Living Program (HLP) at the Mayes County HOPE Coalition. As the Executive Director, Arianna brings youth and vitality to the team and hopes to give the HLP the much needed social media presence that it needs! Arianna has lived most of her life in Pryor and is excited to invest herself in the health and well-being of it’s citizens.

Healthy Living Program Assistant Coordinator: Marti Schneider

Marti comes to HOPE with an array of experiences. She has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Education that she put to work teaching special education in cutting edge programs in both Iowa & Chicago. Her beliefs in working with individuals as a team and for their best interests, garnered her company several state awards. She has acquired experience in state and federal law compliance, dispute resolution training, labor relations, occupational safety, food safety, advertising, marketing, and professional development of management staff. She has also worked as a volunteer on several community non-profit organizations assisting with their fundraising activities, grant disbursements, and scholarships. 


All Things Green Coordinator: Mallory Rial

Jeannie's career started as an office professional in a variety of medical and dental practices.  After taking time off to raise two children, she became a child advocate, foster parent, and community volunteer organizer.  She is the Vice-President of the Pryor Basketball Booster Club. Jeannie now works with the Mayes County HOPE Coalition and organizes efforts to promote farm to school programs and other sustainable food efforts in Mayes County.  She lives in Pryor with her daughter, Heidi.