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HOPE Executive Director: Leslie Considine

Leslie joined the HOPE team in 2015 as Healthy Living Program Coordinator and has recently transitioned to Executive Director of HOPE. Leslie has varied experience in communication, merchandising, non-profits, as well as, civic and community volunteer efforts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and Advertising. Leslie is currently a board member of Mayes Emergency Services Trust Authority and is an International Exchange Coordinator for EF Exchange year, which is responsible for bringing international students to Mayes County. Leslie is a youth leader/teacher at St. Mark Catholic Church.  Leslie and her husband raised their six children in Mayes County and she is passionate about raising the quality of life here! 

HOPE4YOUTH Program Director: Crystal Stout

Crystal was hired as the Program Director of HOPE4YOUTH due to her years of experience and education in the Social Service field primarily in the juvenile justice system. She has a vast amount of experience in working with key stakeholders, schools, youth, families, and law enforcement.  Crystal holds a Master of Business Administration degree, as well as, a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Crystal has experience in a multitude of areas including teaching at the university level, community collaboration efforts, sustainability planning, marketing, event planning and fundraising. She currently serves on the Mayes County 4-H Program Advisory Committee, the Pryor Area Chamber of Commerce Board, and the Oklahoma Chapter of the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators Board.


Healthy Living Program Coordinator: Arianna Derr

Arianna joined the HOPE team in 2016 as a Healthy Living Program (HLP) Specialist working with cities and governments. Now the HLP Coordinator, she leads a team that serves the entire county. She values quality of life and is enthusiastic for the opportunity to be an agent of change. She serves on the Mayes County Trails Alliance and Pryor's Economic Development Trust Authority. Arianna graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

Healthy Living Program Assistant Coordinator: Marti Schneider

Marti started working with HOPE in 2018 in the business sector with the TSET Healthy Living grant. She has an array of experiences from teaching, working in Human Resources, and owning her own businesses. Her beliefs in working as a team and for the betterment of the community, garnered her company several state awards. She has acquired experience in state and federal law compliance, dispute resolution training, labor relations, occupational safety, food safety, advertising, marketing, and professional development of management staff. She has also worked as a volunteer on several community non-profit organizations assisting with their fundraising activities, grant disbursements, and scholarships. She received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Education.


All Things Green Coordinator: Mallory Rial

Mallory has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a Minor in Nonprofit Organizations from the University of Oklahoma. She grew up in Pryor and has a passion for her hometown and serving her community. Mallory started working at HOPE as the All Things Green Coordinator in January of 2021 and is helping continue the mission of solving food insecurity in families across Mayes County. She currently works with the community gardens, farm to school programs, and teaches nutrition education to youth and adults in the area.

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