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On October 23, 2023 Mayes County HOPE entered into an agreement with the Board of County Commissioners for Mayes County, State of Oklahoma to provide oversight services of Opioid Settlement monies the county has and will receive.  As part of the agreement, the Mayes County Opioid Abatement Committee was formed.

Mayes County Opioid Abatement Grant

Mayes County Opioid Abatement
Committee Members

Crystal Stout - Mayes County HOPE
Heather Ramseyer - Mayes County DROP
Misty Russell - ROCMND
Ben Stutzman - Hillcrest Hospital
Brad Reed - MESTA EMS
Chris Brown - Pryor Public Schools
Jeremy Cantrell - Pryor Police Department
Doug Clark - Reincarnated Cottages


Date                               Time              Location
January 25, 2024         10:30 a.m.     Pryor Police Department
May 9, 2024                  10:30 a.m.     Pryor Police Department
August 7, 2024             11:00 a.m.     HOPE Office
November 21, 2024     10:30 a.m.     Pryor Police Department

MCOAC 2024 Scheduled Meetings

Rescheduled for August

11/21/24 Agenda

08/07/24 Minutes

11/21/24 Minutes

Mayes County Opioid Abatement Grant

2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity

Budget Template

Work Plan Template

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