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The goal of the HOPE Farm to School program,is to educate students on the growing process, the importance of eating nutritious foods, as well as, establishing an appreciation for the local farmers.  Hopefully we will help create a love of life long gardening as well!!!

HOPE is grateful to the Oliver Dewey Foundation for a grant that enabled us to purchase 3 school garden beds.  Each bed is 4’x16’ and is a comfortable 2’ high for easy weeding. 


The first bed was installed at Thunderbird Youth Academy as part of their seed to table curriculum and culinary education.  Under the tutelage of Chef Mark, their culinary instructor, cadets learn to plant, grow, harvest, and prepare the produce from their gardens. Cadets and staff also reap the benefits of fresh, nutritious, healthy meals.  Receiving their first bed started a landslide with the culinary program!!! Since then HOPE has provided a second bed, two herb beds and Chef Mark has been able to obtain two more beds as well as a greenhouse.  That’s a total of 4 beds, 2 herb beds and a greenhouse!  The culinary program is growing by leaps and bounds.  We are so excited for all involved in this project!

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The second bed was installed at Osage Elementary.  Osage is a K-8 school and students were excited to be a part of the set up of the bed. They are using the bed as part of their science education. Thank you to the Cherokee Nation for partnering with us as well.

tya garden 3.png

The third bed was installed at Chouteau-Mazie School.  This is also a K-8 school and welcomed the opportunity to have another resource on their campus to use as a teaching component.  The students were a vital part of the set up and had fun helping!  The bed is already growing and producing yummy, healthy veggies!


The S.T.E.M. project at Lincoln Early Childhood Center is growing!  The school garden has grown to 4 garden beds and includes a small indoor greenhouse. Lora Siever, our champion 4 year old teacher, has jumped in with both feet and her students are the beneficiaries. Lora with the support of her school principal, Mrs. Ballard, also includes her fellow teachers and their classrooms in the process.

   The program uses computer based curriculum that is designed specifically for preschool age children.  Lora is using the project to teach the growing cycle from seed to harvest.  She then takes the harvest into the classroom for taste testing so the children can taste what hard work has produced.

Thank you Lora and Lincoln Early Childhood Center for being a part of HOPE Farm to School!!!

Hope partnered with Pryor Public Schools and their afterschool program to provide a culinary and nutrition education component.  We spent 6 weeks at each elementary school-Roosevelt, Jefferson and Lincoln.  Students were taught basic cooking skills, how to read nutritional labels, shopping on a budget and making healthy choices. The students prepared their own food and surprised themselves when they actually LIKED the healthy options, even the fresh veggies!

The students at Roosevelt got to showcase their knowledge for the Superintendent’s office staff and Lincoln invited parents to be a part of a family night event!  HOPE is proud of the students and their accomplishments in the program!

Cooking for After School Program

Cooking for After School Program

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HOPE has partnered with Simply Imagine, Pryor’s newest daycare center.  The facility has worked with TSET to implement no smoking policies for their establishment.  HOPE Farm to School provided them with a garden bed and soil to get them started growing.  Tanya Goins, the owner, plans to incorporate the growing process in her education and the produce in her teaching kitchen.  Welcome aboard Simply Imagine!

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